I am a CNRS researcher in the Love team at the LIPN.

Previously, I was post-doc with Assia Mahboubi, at Inria Gallinette. Before that, I did my PhD thesis at IRIF, under the direction of Thomas Ehrhard.

Here's a short CV.

My research is motivated by the gap between the theory programming languages and the applications of programming languages to continuous mathematics. It lies at the interface of Logic, Formal Proofs and Functional Analysis. I am a happy participant to the Math-Comp Analysis project. I am a member of the ANR ∂IFFERENCE (starting in 2020) and Nuscap (starting in 2021).



Students and Interships

I am always happy to work with students, and have access to grants for interns and PhD students. Please do not hesitate to contact me ! I'm also happy to supervise formalizations projets in Coq.