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Preliminary/final program

You can now download the preliminary/final program and the IoV booklet of abstracts. USB keys with these two documents and information about the university of Paris 13 will be available on site as well as information regarding Web proceedings for SOCA and SC2 with IEEE-Computer Society.

The proceedings for IOV, with Springer are now available (click on the link on the left). The free access for the conference participants will be granted for 4 weeks.

The presentation given for the opening ceremony is also available.

And the winners for the best paper awards are... for SC2, for SOCA, for IOV.

Romuald Josien (NVIDIA - France) presentation contains videos that can be downloaded from NVIDIA Youtube channel.

Cesare Pautasso talk is avalaible through his very professional website. You can find more information about ASQ, the liquid presentation tool he used here: ASQ.

Leonardo Militano, School of Engineering, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, wrote a post about the SC2 conference.

On the conference site, our kakemono will be very visible, so that you can find us easily. Do not hesitate to download it.