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Everything you wanted to know about machine learning

Speakers: Mustapha Lebbah, Gael Beck and Hanane Azzag -- University of Paris 13, France

The tutorial provides basics of machine learning algorithms in order to understand foundations to develop scalable unsupervised machine learning algorithms. This course is oriented towards beginners that have no previous knowledge of machine learning techniques. We would like to teach that the construction of scalable models is not necessarily associated with strictly computer engineering. The traditional steps of modeling and estimation remain essential.

The tutorial will start from a simple review of application of unsupervised machine learning (clustering). In particular this course will point to key challenges in analyzing data sets in order to motivate the use of statistical and scalable unsupervised machine learning algorithms that will be used in the course. The course targets specific challenges to develop scalable machine learning algorithms based on Spark. A short lab session will be developed using our API C4E.