SynCoP 2014

1st International Workshop on Synthesis of Continuous Parameters

Sunday April 6th 2014, Grenoble, France



The workshop will take place on Sunday 6th April in Grenoble, France.

The proceedings can be downloaded here or on

9h30 - 10h30
Invited talk 1
Didier Lime. Integer Parameter Synthesis for Timed Automata [slides]
10h30 - 11h
coffee break
11h - 12h30
Session 1
Stefano Schivo, Jetse Scholma, Marcel Karperien, Janine N. Post, Jaco Van De Pol and Rom Langerak. Setting parameters for biological models with ANIMO [slides]
12h30 - 14h
Lunch break
14h - 15h
Invited talk 2
Alexandre Donzé. Parameter Synthesis for Signal Temporal Logic [slides]
15h - 16h
session 2
16h - 16h30
coffee break
16h30 - 17h
Informal presentations
Thao Dang, Tommaso Dreossi, Carla Piazza. Parameter Synthesis using Paralleltopic Enclosure [slides]
20h -
SynCoP dinner @ La Petite Idée