CiE 2016: Pursuit of the Universal

June 27th 2016 - July 1st 2016, Paris, France



Registration Fees

Registration fees for regular participants are 180 Euros. Students regsitration fees are 90 Euros. Registration fees include the LNCS volume, the booklet of unpublished abstracts, and the reception. Tutorial speakers, invited speakers, and speakers at special sessions do not have to pay the registration fee. Similarly, Steering Committee members, the PC chairs, special session organizers, and local organizers do not have to pay the registration fee. Programme Committee members who are neither chairs nor SC members do have to pay the regular fee.

Conference Dinner

Extra registration fees for the conference dinner are 69 Euros. The conference particpants who whish to attend the conference dinner are invited to choose the corresponding option upon registration.

Association Computability in Europe

All participants of CiE 2016, unless they object, become members of the Association for Computability in Europe (ACiE). Membership is currently free. If you would rather not become a member of the ACiE, please choose the free option "ACiE Membership Refusal" in the registration form.

Women in Computability Mentoring Program

Female participants who wish to particpate to the mentoring program, either as a mentee, or as a mentor, are invited to select the corresponding free option in the registration form. Please note that this participation is free of charge.

Registration Procedure

The registration web page is avaiable here . The registration procedure follows two steps. First, you are invited to pre-register, and select the approriate registration fees, on the CIE 2016 pre-registration page . Once your pre-registration is validated, you may perform the registration on the CIE 2016 registration page .

Important Notice

Upon the validation of your registration, you will be offered two payement options: credit card, or bank transfer. For some unkown reason, the credit card option does only works for some participants, and does not appear on screen for others. If you have access to a bank tranfer payment method, your are invited to select this option in priority. When selecting the bank transfer option, you will receive a "pré bon de commande", with all the necessary details enclosed. The document looks as follows.

Bon de Commande

Your registration will then be validated by the CNRS upon reception fo the bank transfer on the bank account number on the right side of the document (red arrow)

Participants experiencing trouble with the credit card option are invited to contact Paulin de Naurois at denaurois[arobase]lipn[dot]univ-paris13[dot]fr.