CiE 2016: Pursuit of the Universal

June 27th 2016 - July 1st 2016, Paris, France


Funding Opportunities

CiE 2016 has received funding from ASL (Association for Symbolic Logic) and EATCS (European Association for Theoretical Computer Science) that allows students who are members of ASL or EATCS and want to attend CiE 2015 to apply for travel funds or a reduction of the early registration fee. Preference will be given to attendees who are also presenting a talk.

ASL travel grants

Applications for ASL travel grants have to be addressed directly to ASL, with a strict deadline of March 27, 2016. Students may apply for the ASL travel grant without having a talk accepted when applying. However, it is requested that they submit their abstract before April 10.

EATCS travel grants

Applications for EATCS travel grants have to be sent by email to denaurois[at]lipn[dot]univ-paris13[dot]fr prior to the early registration deadline.

Women in Computability travel grants

There is also a small number of travel grants for junior female researchers who want to participate in CiE 2016, more details here.