We reguarly organize scientific meetings to discuss specific topics of interest for the project, share and disseminate the advances made by the various members of the project, and to assess the development of the project itself.

Here is the list of all meetings held so far. The slides of some of the talks are available (via the link next to the name of the speaker).

10/09/2009: Kick-off meeting
Location: PPS
Speakers: E. Goubault [slides1, slides2], E. Haucourt [slides], J. Villard [slides], E. Godard, S. Abbes [slides], D. Baelde (LIX)

03/12/2009: 2nd meeting: Separation logics
Location: PPS
Speakers: A. Saurin (PPS), F. Bobot (INRIA Saclay), S. Demri (LSV), E. Lozes [slides]

04/05/2010: 3rd meeting: Interactions between probability, non-determinism, and concurrency
Location: LIX
Speakers: J. Goubault-Larrecq (LSV), C. Palamidessi, E. Lozes [slides], P.-A. Melliès [slides, animation1, animation2, animation3], S. Abbes, J. Dubreil (LIX)

03/12/2010: 4th meeting
Location: LIX
Speakers: D. Mazza [slides1, slides2], C. Palamidessi, F. Valencia, D. Miller [slides]

24/11/2011: 5th meeting
Location: LIX
Speakers: A. Dorman [slides], C. Palamidessi, É. Coulouma [slides], D. Mazza [slides]