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Mail address: Christophe Cérin, Université Paris 13, Sorbonne Paris Cité, LIPN UMR CNRS 7030, 99 avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément, F-93430 Villetaneuse, France
Office: A107
Phone: +33 (0)149 404 083
email: christophe.cerin@lipn.univ-paris13.fr or c.cerin@computer.org
Web: http://lipn.univ-paris13.fr/~cerin and http://lipn.univ-paris13.fr/bigdata
Research Full time professor with University of Paris XIII. My research is with Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris Nord [LIPN].
Teaching Member of IUT de Villetaneuse, département d'informatique. My teaching activity is on basic knowledge for fresh students. My principal teaching topics are Operating Systems, Programming (samples and code examples), Web design (tips and annotations), Graphical User Interface (G.U.I.), and Databases (Docker and Postgresql resources). Introduction to operating system with LPASUR. See also the initiative on A Global Perspective on Cybersecurity #ACESinFrance with the French Ambassy at Washington, and at a local scale the first Journée d’échanges croisés : sciences, pédagogies et administration. See also the 2018 Edition. The international week at Leuven was exciting because of the challenge that students were facing.
Administration Chair for Licence PRO ASUR (apprentissage) with IUT de Villetaneuse, département Réseaux and Télécommunications. Member of Conseil d'Institut of IUT de Villetaneuse. Former chair of Comité d'experts (in charge of the carreer of permanent professors) with University of Paris XIII. In charge of computing resources for University of Paris XIII and COMUE Sorbonne Paris Cité [MAGI].
A japanese garden at Kanazawa
Le chateau de Kanazawa
Publications The full list of my publications, since the very beginning of my professional career, is available here.
Topics My work is about Parallel Computing in the field of middleware for Clouds and Big Data and also in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC). The "Distributed Algorithms, Software and Architecture" research group is working on:
  • Middleware and software architecture of large scale systems; Publication / Subscription paradigm; Cloud and Big Data Computing;
  • Models of large scale systems; Service oriented computing;
  • Numerical parallel algorithms;
  • Current project: Wolphin. Past project: Resilience.
Sake Barril
Empire State Building
Leisure, sport and culture
Cycling If you are asking for nice cycling tours between "Cap Nègre" and "Fort de Brégançon" (Var - France), please contact me. I can make special arrangements for you (thanks to Michel) in order to pass along "Col du Babaou", close to "Collobrières" village. If you are looking for tours in the Var region, please follow this link .
I also share my experience of cycling in "Bois de Vincennes" (Paris) until Créteil and "bords de Marne". Don't hesitate to contact me on this matter.
Engineering and cultural aspects Please, accept the reading of this text on "Data hosting". It is an educational book on many issues in data hosting, including risk analysis, ethical and legal issues, preservation. The ecosystems of cloud computing as well as big data are also introduced.
The book is in french but a translation is in progress. Enjoy!
For an introduction on Cloud adoption in the educational sector, please refer to this collective effort: Guidelines to improve the use of Cloud Computing Technology in Education in Arab Countries for ALECSO and ITU.
Supercomputing Underground Culture The often-quoted Linpack benchmark typically runs at 75 percent of a supercomputer’s peak, says Dongarra. "Our dirty little secret is that most real applications are like 3 percent." (IEEE Spectrum, Jan 6, 2018)
En Saône-et-Loire, sur les traces des premiers jeux vidéo français They are called Bertrand, Claude, Jacques or Viviane. These are the forgotten actors of an unknown time, the one where Chalon-sur-Saône surfered the wave of Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Co. - the great cultural revolution of the 80s. Learn more about this little history that we now call "French touch" :-)
New york

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