Journée CoGITARe :
Intersection types, Subtyping and type inference

Venue informations

Location: LIPN, Université Paris 13
Room B107,
Instiut Galilée
99, Avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément, Villetaneuse

Date: 7 November 2019

Speakers :
Flavien Breuvart, Giuseppe Castagna, Stephen Dolan, Claude Stolze

You should go the the station "Villetaneuse University" with the lines T8 (connection with lines D and M13) and T11 (connection with lines B, C and D).
From there, just follow the crowd and you should arrive at the gates of the university. Passing the security should not be too complex (but it depends on who is in charge). In case of issue, do not hesitate to call me (+33.666.15.63.49)
Once the security passed, you will have to find the room : take first stare at your right, then right on the platform, take first stairs on your right to a building, traverse the building to take the next platform, enter the next building get down the stars at your right on half a floor, you should then be in he first floor (in the French counting with a ground floor), then take the door at your left, the seminar room is the second door on your left.
Maps and more informations (in french)
If you arrive early, come to the second floor to get a coffee, but you will have to call me to open the door.

Temporary program

funded by ANR LIPN P13 ANR