FSFMA 2014

2nd French Singaporean Workshop on Formal Methods and Applications

13th May 2014, Singapore



The workshop took place on Tuesday 13th of May, 2014 in Singapore.

The workshop exact location is in the National University of Singapore, School of Computing, building COM1, room VC Room COM1-02-13. See information about venue on the FM Web site.

The post-proceedings are available as volume 156 of EPTCS.

9h - 9h05
Welcome address (Shang-Wei Lin and Laure Petrucci) [slides]
9h05 - 10h
Invited talk 1 (chair: Étienne André)
Susanne Graf. Knowledge for obtaining Distributed Implementations and proving them correct [slides]
10h - 10h30
Regular paper 1 (chair: Étienne André)
Gilles Feld, Laurent Fribourg, Denis Labrousse, Bertrand Revol and Romain Soulat. Correct-by-Design Control Synthesis for Multilevel Converters using State Space Decomposition [pre-proceedings PDF] [slides]
10h30 - 11h
coffee break
11h - 12h
Invited talk 2 (chair: Christine Choppy)
Sun Jun. Are Timed Automata Bad for a Specification Language? Language Inclusion Checking for Timed Automata [slides]
12h - 12h30
Regular paper 2 (chair: Christine Choppy)
Asankhaya Sharma. Verified Subtyping with Traits and Mixins [pre-proceedings PDF] [slides]
12h30 - 14h
14h - 15h
Invited talk 3 (chair: Laure Petrucci)
P.S. Thiagarajan. A class of distributed Markov chains
15h - 15h30
Regular paper 3 (chair: Laure Petrucci)
M V A Kiran Kumar, Aarti Gupta and Ss Bindumadhava. RTL2RTL Formal Equivalence: Boosting the Design Confidence [pre-proceedings PDF] [video]
15h30 - 16h
coffee break
16h - 17h
Invited talk 4 (chair: Shang-Wei Lin)
Thibaut Tiberghien and Mounir Mokhtari. Semantic reasoning and verification for ambient assisted living [slides]
17h - 17h30
Regular paper 4 (chair: Shang-Wei Lin)
Somsak Vanit-Anunchai. Experience using Coloured Petri Nets to Model Railway Interlocking Tables [pre-proceedings PDF] [slides]
Closing session