CIMPA Summer School 2014 - Nablus
"Random structures, Analytic and Probabilistic Approaches"

University An Najah, Nablus, Palestine
Dates: August 18-27, 2014



We wish to gather in this school Palestinian students interested in the study of Random Structures. Since the seventies this is a topic considered both in Theoretical Computer Science and in Probability. In particular, the analysis of the mean behaviour of algorithms and structures used in computer software and hardware rests on both approaches; as examples, the mean behaviour of trees or sort algorithms can be analyzed by these methods. The field of science named "Analytic Combinatorics" by Flajolet develops extensively these methods, using combinatorics of structures, generating functions and analysis in the complex plane. In general, analytic approaches provide fast exact and asymptotic computations of moments of random variables and can also provide limit laws; however the probabilistic approach disposes of powerful convergence methods such as martingales and there are cases that can be solved by continuous approaches while discrete ones fail.

Pratical Informations

We are scheduling 7 courses of approximately 6 hours and 3 hours of exercices, within an overall duration of 9 days for the school. There will be a free day with an excursion in the midst of the school, and one afternoon will be left for free discussions

The Opening Ceremony will take place in the old campus of An Najah University, Zager Al-Masri Auditorium on Monday, August 18th at 6pm

The courses will be given at An Najah University, Nablus, new campus, uphill either in the Korean building or in the science building

The number of students will be around 40; there will be 7 main lecturers and 1 assistant.


The participants, lecturers and assistants, will be accommodated at
  • Hotel Al Yasmeen, Nablus
  • If you live in Nablus and you prefer to spend the nights at home select "Home" on the switch accommodation in the registration interface. We can in this case provide you with a maximum of 30 shekels daily for your transportation costs, on condition that you give a receipt of your transportation costs.

  • All the participants will take together their lunch and dinner at the restaurant of the University.
  • The accommodation costs of the Palestinian students (hotel, meals) will be fully taken in charge by the school.

    Therefore, there will be no fees for participation of the students.

    Organizing committee :

    • Pierre Nicodeme
    • Naji Qatanani (local organizer)
    • Miss Reem Minawi (secretary of the Math department, An Najah)

    Scientific committee

    • Frédérique Bassino, LIPN, University Paris13
    • Brigitte Chauvin, LMV, University of Versailles
    • Naji Qatanani, University An Najah, Nablus
    • Pierre Nicodème, LIPN, University Paris13

    List of the courses

    Set of photos of Nablus and Jerusalem

    Nablus 2014 Summer School Program


    Scientific Report