7th International Workshop on
Trends in Linear Logic and Applications

TLLA 2023

Rome, Italy
1-2 July 2023

Accepted Papers

1. Antonio Bucciarelli, Raffaele Di Donna, Lorenzo Tortora de Falco. Towards injectivity of the coherent model for connected MELL proof-nets.
2. Miguel Ramos, Riccardo Treglia, Delia Kesner. A Quantitative Understanding of Exceptions.
3. Davide Barbarossa, Paolo Pistone. Tropical Mathematics and the Lambda-Calculus.
4. Flavien Breuvart, Marie Kerjean, Simon Mirwasser. Unifying Graded Linear Logic and Differential Operators.
5. Rémy Cerda, Lionel Vaux Auclair. How To Play The Accordion. On the (Non-)Conservativity of the Reduction Induced by the Taylor Approximation of λ-Terms.
6. Rémi Di Guardia, Olivier Laurent, Lorenzo Tortora de Falco, Lionel Vaux Auclair. Sequentialization is as fun as bungee jumping.
7. Anupam Das, Damiano Mazza, Lê Thành Dũng Nguyễn, Noam Zeilberger. On the Complexity of Normalization for the Planar λ-calculus.
8. Adrien Ragot, Thomas Seiller, Lorenzo Tortora de Falco. Linear realisability over nets and second order quantification.
9. Valentin Maestracci, Thomas Seiller. Linear Realizability and Cobordisms.
10. Morgan Rogers, Thomas Seillerc, William Toiani. Normal functors[ions], [the irrelevence of] power series, and [a new model of] 𝜆-calculus.
11. Marie Kerjean, Valentin Maestracci, Morgan Rogers. Functorial Models of Differential Linear Logic.
12. Antonio Veredice. Some notes on the beginning of Linear Logic in Italy.
13. Carlos Olarte, Elaine Pimentel. Multi-modalities and non-commutativity in functorial linear logic: a case study.
14. Alexander V. Gheorghiu, Tao Gu, David J. Pym. Proof-theoretic Semantics for Intuitionistic Multiplicative Linear Logic.
15. Matteo Acclavio. Multiplicative Logic Beyond Cographs.
16. Aurore Alcolei, Luc Pellissier, Alexis Saurin. The exponential logic of sequentialization.
17. Giulio Guerrieri, Giulia Manara, Lorenzo Tortora de Falco, Lionel Vaux Auclair. Confluence for untyped proof nets via parallel cut elimination .
18. Matteo Acclavio, Gianluca Curzi, Giulio Guerrieri. Non-uniform polynomial time via non-wellfounded parsimonious proofs.