5th International Workshop on
Trends in Linear Logic and Applications

TLLA 2021

Online (Rome virtually)
27-28 June 2021

Accepted Papers

The abstracts are available at the HAL repository.

Roberto Maieli. Probabilistic logic programming with multiplicative modules
Kostia Chardonnet, Benoît Valiron, Renaud Vilmart. Geometry of Interaction for ZX-Diagrams
Bruno Dinis, Paulo Oliva. Parametrised Functional Interpretation of Affine Logic
Etienne Callies, Olivier Laurent. Click and coLLecT: An Interactive Linear Logic Prover
Boris Eng, Thomas Seiller. A gentle introduction to Girard's Transcendental Syntax
Claudia Faggian, Giulio Guerrieri, Riccardo Treglia. Evaluation and convergence in the computational calculus
Kostia Chardonnet, Alexis Saurin, Benoît Valiron. Toward a Curry-Howard Equivalence for Linear, Reversible Computation.
Paulin Jacobé De Naurois. Parallelism in Soft Linear Logic
Pietro Di Gianantonio, Marina Lenisa. Principal Types as Lambda Nets
Jack Hughes, Daniel Marshall, James Wood, Dominic Orchard. Linear Exponentials as Graded Modal Types
Siva Somayyajula. Towards Unifying (Co)induction and Structural Control
June Wunder, Arthur Azevedo de Amorim, Patrick Baillot, Marco Gaboardi. A bunched logic for l^p spaces
Victoria Barrett, Alessio Guglielmi. Totally Linear Proofs