2020 Joint Workshop Linearity & TLLA

Paris, Aubervilliers
29-30 June 2020

Accepted Papers

Masahito Hasegawa. A braided lambda calculus
Christian Retoré. A self-dual modality for non-commutative contraction and duplication in the category of coherence spaces
Gianluca Curzi. Linear Additives
Paolo Pistone. Proof nets and the instantiation overflow property
Matteo Acclavio and Giulio Guerrieri . Differential Deep Inference
James Wood and Robert Atkey . A Linear Algebra Approach to Linear Metatheory
Michael Shulman. *-autonomous envelopes and full completeness
Marie Kerjean and Pierre-Marie Pédrot . ∂ is for Dialectica: typing differentiable programming
Marie Kerjean. Polarities in topological vector spaces
Matteo Acclavio. Exponentially Handsome Proof Nets
Jack Hughes and Dominic Orchard . Deriving distributive laws for graded linear types
Alberto Naibo and Yuta Takahashi . Harmony in the Light of Computational Ludics
Satoshi Matsuoka. A New Linear Time Correctness Condition for Multiplicative Linear Logic
Aleks Kissinger. MLL+MIX as a logic of influence and causation
Giulio Guerrieri and Federico Olimpieri . Rigid Taylor Expansion and Intersection Type Distributors in the Bang Calculus
Aubrey Bryant and Harley Eades III . The Graded Lambek Calculus
Harley Eades III and Dominic Orchard . Grading Adjoint Logic
Esaie Bauer and Olivier Laurent . Super Exponentials