Birzeit 2018 Conference
"Applied Mathematics and Random Structures"

Birzeit University, Palestine
Dates: August 27 to 30, 2018

Pratical Informations

The Organizing Committee will offer transportation from the Royal Court Hotel to the university during the days of the conference (go and back).
The conference will take place in the Faculty of Science, Room S240 during the four days.
You will find a helping boards in the main entrances of the university indicating the place of the conference.
The registration desk will be in-front of the Faculty of Science available in every day morning. You can register and get the final program.
Each participant will be given a certificate of participation.

Scientific Report

Scientific Report



Detailed program and summaries


Birzeit 2018 Conference is mainly intended to foster future collaborations between Palestinian and French universities or research centres; enhancing collaborations with US or European Institutions is also hoped for. Birzeit 2018 Conference provides an opportunity for dissemination of important and recent results in the field of Applied Mathematics and Statistics with Applications to Economy, Industry, and Science.

Regarding Applied Mathematics, we will consider as a non-exhaustive list of topics: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations; Stochastic Applications to Mathematical Finance and Life Insurance, Non-linear Recurrences. We will address researches in randomness, probability or statistics, with a special focus on random graphs and trees, and random walks. Contributions related to algorithms on graphs and trees are also welcomed. Besides their great theoretical interest, random graphs and trees have numerous applications: world-wide web, biological networks, statistical criteria of decision, software and hardware programming and architecture. Random walks have been the subjects of intensive research during the last years; the methods used go from combinatorics and singularity analysis to large scale computer algebra. Very often, discrete structures have continuous limits, by instance Brownian motions for discrete random walks; this allows some fruitful interplay between discrete mathematics and probability theory.

A tutorial for the freeware computer algebra system SAGE will be scheduled during the conference.

Master Students and Faculty Members are welcome to attend, interact, exchange ideas and discuss the trends and prospects of future research.


The participants who asked for accomodation will stay at the Royal Court Hotel of Ramallah:

Organizing committee :

Scientific committee

Registration (closed)

There will be a mix of 1H30 hours courses, 1 hour talks and 1/2 hour talks.
mail to the organizers.


Provisional list of courses

Provisional list of one hour talks

  • Mohammad Adm - On the zero forcing game and maximum nullity of matrices whose graph is acyclic or unicyclic with q negative eigenvalues - summary
  • Abdelrahim Mousa - Geometric approaches and bifurcations in the dichotomous decision model - summary

Provisional list of 1/2 hour talks

  • Sima Abualrub - Determinants of Student’s Success at Birzeit University - summary
  • Farida Ghazawneh - Dynamics of piecewise isometries - summary
  • Sondos Khalil - Numerical results with economic implications of a continuous time model - summary
  • Mai Mismar - Finding The Optimal Solution of The Assignment Problems Using probabilities and without Any Iteration - summary
  • Khalid Salah - An approximation of a longitudinal stochastic model - summary
  • Wisam Samarah - A Mathematical Solutions to an Unstable Economic Environment: A Case Study of the Palestinian Economy - summary
  • Asma Shareef - Neimark Sacker Bifurcation of higher order rational difference equations - summary
  • Feda Shoman - A discrete game theoretical Model - summary
  • Hind Sweis - Solving Local Fractional Fredholm Integral Equation of the Second Kind with Separable Kernel - summary
  • Walaa Yassen - Using Symmetries To Solve Some Difference Equations - summary