Analytic, Algorithmic and Probabilistic Tools for Discrete Random Structures

Birzeit 2021 CIMPA Summer School (PROJECT)
"Analytic, Algorithmic and Probabilistic Tools for Discrete Random Structures"

Location: Birzeit University, Palestine
Dates: November 1-6, 2021


We will focus on stochastic aspects of mathematics and on algorithms used in this context.
We will address probabilistic tools such as dynamical systems and their relations to stochastic processes.
There will be a course on Markov chains for optimization, with applications to the famous problems: Travelling Salesman Problem, scheduling.
Random walks are fundamental mathematical objects; we will study them together with Dyck paths and random trees, as a MM1 queue, and as Brownian motion when considering their limits. Lattice walks in the quarter plane is a blossoming subject of research. We will consider structural properties of the associated generating functions.
Bioinformatics and linguistics relay heavily on statistics of words and motifs. We will provide a course on these topics, with use of methods such as formal languages, automata, and the overall use of generating functions. A course will be dedicated to the analytic tools used for the previous course: review of the Cauchy integral, generalized central limit law, Mellin integral.
A tutorial for the freeware computer algebra system SAGE will be scheduled during the conference.

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The participants who asked for accomodation will stay at a hotel of Ramallah

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