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Brief overview of my research interests

My research broadly includes topics in parallel and distributed computing. In my PhD, I worked on models for cooperative parallelism (algorithm portfolio, poly-algorithms) and their applications to the resolution of SAT and CSP. In my post-docs, I worked on service and cloud computing problems: the service selection problem, the service composition problem, energy-efficient scheduling for green and distributed clouds' middlewares.
I still continue to work on these topics with my research group at LIPN. But in addition, at Qarnot computing, I started to work on models for ambiant intelligence in smart-buildings. This includes: demand response, machine learning for the recognition of daily life activities, frameworks for context-aware and in-situ machine learning for smart-buildings (application to event detection). I also work on edge computing models for IoT. This includes: Conceptual models of the role edge in IoT, work sharing models between cloud and edge, theoretical formulation of scheduling problems in edge computing.

Some recent works

Collaborative research projects