Jean-Yves Moyen
MSCA project Walgo

E-mail: Jean-Yves.Moyen `at`

From September 2015 to August 2017, I was a MSCA fellow funded by grant number 65522 "Walgo". Here is the list of publications and work done during that period.
Habilitation Thesis
I submitted my Habilitation thesis (Danish Doktordisputats, equivalent to the French Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) in February 2017.
Implicit Complexity, in Theory and Practice
Equivalences between programs
Walgo focused on the study of the equivalences between programs, assuming that "implementing the same Algorithm" is such an equivalence and trying to get insights into it.
Implicit Complexity and Compilation
I supervised the PhD. of Thomas Rubiano, working on bringing ideas from Implicit Complexity into the mainstream compiler LLVM.
Formal Proofs of Implicit Complexity
We made a formal proof (in the proof assistant Coq) of my former result on Quasi-Interpretations.
Some technical stuff I've done during that time frame, not directly related to Walgo but still of interest. All this is @CC BY-NC and comes with no warranty. Use at your own risk.