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Orateur : Michael Wallner

Affiliation : TU Wien

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Titre : Why and when does the half-normal distribution appear in combinatorics?

Résumé : We present an extension of a theorem by Michael Drmota and Michèle Soria [1997] that can be used to identify the limiting distribution for a class of combinatorial schemata. This is achieved by determining analytical and algebraic properties of the associated bivariate generating function. We give sufficient conditions implying a half-normal limiting distribution, extending the known conditions leading to either a Rayleigh, a Gaussian or a convolution of the last two distributions. Finally, we present some applications to lattice path and tree enumeration, images and preimages in random mappings.

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  • Date : 2015–09–08
  • Heure : 14h00
  • Salle : B107
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