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SemEx downloading

SemEx means Semantic Explorerl.  It allows to interlink the text with two kinds of annotations :
- the first type points to elements in an ontology,
- the second one scopes sentences or large chunks of text, and attaches a hierarchy of interpretations (initially a progressive transformation into SBVR rules).
Note that the interpretations can contain ontological elements. This structure is equiped with some visualization tools which allow to select text and/or annotations according to rather complex criteria.

SemEx is an Eclipse executable coded in java and javascript and relies on the rdfa format of annotations. It has been written by Abdoulaye Guissé for the Ontorule project, of which it has been a deliverable. It is free and downloadable from the present page. Bug reports and suggestion of improvements are welcome (send a mail to aguisse [at] ept [dot] sn or francois [dot] levy [at] lipn [dot] univ-paris13 [dot] fr).

We provide two small examples, so you can become familiar with the tool by using annotated text, before creating and annotating your own corpus ('Launching SemEx.pdf' shorly tels you how to choose that at start). Choose the version fitting your OS. It is suggested to download also the manual and the examples.

Linux 32 bits    Linux 64 bits    Windows 64 bits    Windows 32 bits    Mac OS X   

Training examples    User manual    Launching SemEx