Manzonetto Giulio
Ph.D. in Computer Science

Research Interests

My main interest in computer science is in lambda calculus, resource calculi, denotational semantics, categorical semantics, universal algebra, topology and computability theory.
Erdos number: 3 (but there is still hope).

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People I'm researching with

Thomas Ehrhard Call-By-Push-Value Relational Models;
Giulio Guerrieri Call-By-Push-Value Relational Models;
Stefano Guerrini Goedel's koan
Benedetto Intrigila Goedel's koan
Jim Laird Quantitative models of nondeterministic PCF;
Guy McCusker Quantitative models of nondeterministic PCF;
Michele Pagani Quantitative models of nondeterministic PCF;
Andrew Polonsky Lambda Calculus: Double fixed point combinators and Unification
Simona Ronchi della Rocca Call-By-Value Weak Lambda Calculus.
Antonino Salibra Algebraization of Logics based on Decomposition operators.




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A mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems.