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I am a Mexican PhD student in Computer Science. I am currently working with the RCLN (Knowledge Representation and Natural Language) Team at the Computer Science Department (LIPN) of the University of Paris 13. My thesis director is Adeline Nazarenko, and I work also under the advisory of François Lévy, and Jorge García Flores.

The goal of my research is to design a semantic annotation method, incorporating annotation quality measures and enabling the dynamic revision of annotations. In practical terms, it means to integrate the process of annotation and knowledge acquisition.


My current topics of interest include semantic annotation, keyword extraction, taxonomy extraction, knowledge representation models, topic modeling, domain adaptation, and diachronicity and evolution of the information.

Through my working experience I have become familiar with statistical analysis, machine learning, and computational intelligence.


garridomarquez [at] lipn [dot] univ-paris13 [dot] fr

99, av. J-B. Clement, 93430 Villetaneuse, FRANCE Laboratoire d'informatique de Paris Nord (LIPN) Office B-103


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