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Sergey Dovgal is a second-year PhD student in Université Paris 13 under supervision of Olivier Bodini and Vlady Ravelomanana. He finished his Master Thesis at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2016 under supervision of Vladimir Spokoiny. In 2009 and 2010 participated in IMO as a part of Belarusian team.


  • Maciej Bendkowski, Olivier Bodini, Sergey Dovgal. Polynomial tuning of multiparametric combinatorial samplers [arxiv] [github:sampler] [github:examples] [slides]
  • Sergey Dovgal, Vlady Ravelomanana. Shifting the phase transition threshold for random graphs and 2-SAT using degree constraints [arxiv] [slides]
  • Sergey Dovgal. Towards model selection for local log-density estimation [arxiv]



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