QosCosGrid MPI Lab

Prepare your environment

Please read the file located here for instructions.

Materials :

If you have never used MPI, you can find some small examples here.

Now you are ready for the lab

This lab has been prepared with (and mainly by) Éric Rodriguez

We provide you some files in this bundle

You also have to write some functions in some other provided files

In order to get an idea of the impact of your parallelisation on the performances of the applications, you should include some time measurements in your code, wherever you find it useful. Some are already included, but of course you can add some.

If you need some debug outputs, use the debug(...) function. You just need to include "ant.h" in you file (in the files we provide you, it is already included), and use it as printf. The only difference is that you don't have to add \n at the end of your output, debug(..) does it for you.

We propose a solution here.

Camille Coti
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