Instructions to prepare your environment

  1. Download the cygwin bundle.
  2. Click on setup ;) to install Cygwin. Cygwin builds a linux-like file tree where you ask it to get installed. Your home directory is in $CYGWIN\home\your_login_name.
  3. Download the Tramp bundle, copy it in your Cygwin home directory.
  4. Run Cygwin. Then you have a prompt, begining with $
  5. Untar the Tramp bundle: $ tar -xzf tramp.tgz.
  6. Now configure ssh:

To launch Cygwin / X, double-click on $YOUR_CYGWIN_DIR$\cygwin, the type startx.

If you want to edit a text file, use emacs. To open a file: CTRL+X CTRL+F. You will want to use tramp to edit remote files, then: CTRL+X CTRL+F /tp:ant. To save the current buffer: CTRL+X CTRL+S

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Camille Coti
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