Special Issue of JOS (Supercomputing Journal) on Secure, Manageable and Controllable Grid Services

Co-Guest Editors:
Christophe Cérin (University of Paris 13 - Villetaneuse - France)
Jean-Luc Gaudiot (University of California, Irvine, US)
Kuan-Ching Li (Providence University, Taiwan)

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Grid systems are expected to connect large number of heterogeneous resources (PC, Data-bases, HPC clusters, instruments, sensors, visualization tools, etc.), to be used by many users and to execute a large variety of applications (number crunching, data access, multimedia, etc) and may concern with many scientific fields (helth, economy, computing etc).

Grid are distributed systems and like for them, the notion of security, the way we manage such large system and the way we control the grid system are of particular interest. For instance, 'controllable' means: how we measure the activity of the grid and how we report it. The 'manageable' term means: 'how we deploy the grid architecture, the grid softwares, and how we start jobs (under controllable events such as the availability of resources). At least, the 'security' term refers to the traditional fields of authentication, fault tolerance but refers also to safe execution (how to certify results, how to adapt computation according to some metric). Moreover it seems natural that all of these services should collaborate making the building of middleware a challenging problem.

The idea of this special issue was announced during GPC2007 in Paris (see the right navigation bar). This special issue aims at gathering papers in the fields of Grid / Distributed systems. This special issue is also open for contributions in connected fields: P2P systems, Sensors Networks, Networking, Large Scale Heterogeneous Distributed databases.


We invite authors to submit original and unpublished work. We also require that the submission is not concurrently submitting to another special issue or conference. We may accept 'extended work' but only if it includes some origninal/new insights. Papers will be reviewed by three reviewers. We inform authors that papers without evaluation (either theoretical or experimental) will not be considered. In other words, papers should be more than 'position papers' or a small arrangement with a previous publication. We will also appreciate survey papers. When submitting, authors implicitly recognize and accept these rules.

So, we solicit novel papers on a broad range of topics that include and are not limited to the following keywords:

  • Grid monitoring and controling (forecasting...) systems
  • Grid management systems (deployment of infrastructures and applications)
  • Grid security (authentication, adaptation, results' certification)
  • Aggregation of secure/manageable components into grid middlewares
  • Algorithms related to resource brokers, load balancing and heterogeneity
  • Applications and experiences with secure/manageable/controllable grid infrastructures


Submissions Due: December 10, 2007 December 20, 2007

Review Decisions: January 15, 2008. Due to a large number of submissions, they are delayed until the end of March.

Final Manuscript Due: February 31, 2008

Publication: 2008

Formating rules and how to submit

The authors will be required to prepare their manuscripts according to JOS style file that can be downloaded from the following link and then, follow the 'Instructions for Authors' tab.

The paper length is no more than 20 pages. Please use the journal's web site to post or modify your submission. Springer has created an entry for the issue in the submission system. Be sure to choose the article type "Sp Iss: Grid Services; Cerin, et al" in the submission process.