Registration (by credit card) to Discrete Random Walks (September 1-5, 2003)

[Please use the nocard-formular if you do not want to pay by credit card"]

Registration fees include participation to conference, coffee breaks, cocktail, the conference dinner and a copy of the proceedings:

Early registration : 140 euros (85 euros for students, copy of student card required)

If you want an extra ticket for conference the conference dinner, you have to add 45 euros for each accompanying person.

After August 25th, registrations fees will be 200 euros (and 100 euros for students). Please email us if you intend to attend only partially, or if you won't attend to the conference dinner or to the social program. If you want to register several people from the same lab, also contact us.

You can now proceed to the registration:
[Please use the nocard-formular if you do not want to pay by credit card"]

Name        Firstname
Zip code    City    Country
Phone              Fax
You are mainly working in
Did you submit a paper to DRW 2003?
Registration fees:

Number of accompanying person for the conference dinner (45 euros for extra ticket):

[If want to pay by bank transfer, Cheque payment and French "bon de commande, then you filled the wrong formular :-)]
Card owner (if different from above):
Card-number:              Expiration date:

As you pay by Credit card, you need to print and SIGN this formular. Then, send it by snail mail to: Agence comptable, 99 avenue J.B. Clément, Université de Paris 13, 93 430 Villetaneuse (France)

[N.B: we don't need to know your card-number/expiration-date for this electronic registration,
but don't forget to fill them when you'll print this formular & send it to the "Agence Comptable"]

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In case of problems, you can contact Cyril.Banderier at