This tool is a simple interface to some operations on polyhedra provided by the Parma Polyhedra Library.

It computes basic operations on polyhedra, e.g.:

PolyOp is developed in OCaml by Étienne André. It is provided under the GNU-GPL license.

Using PolyOp

PolyOp opens a file in which the operation is described, and returns the result both on screen and into a log file.

The syntax is described in a functional style. Examples of calls to PolyOp are provided in this sample file. Note that PolyOp only performs one (possibly nested) operation.

Call syntax:

PolyOp [file.polyop]

PolyOp will open file [file.polyop], and will create a file [file.polyop.res] in which the result is given.

Download and Install

See GitHub for most up-to-date versions, documentation and examples.

Below is an outdated version (from 2011).

Version Release Source (tar.bz2) Source (zip) Binary (32 bits)
0.1 30th May 2011 PolyOp.tar.bz2 (31Ko) PolyOp.zip (46Ko) PolyOp (13Mo)

The binary is a fully standalone binary for 32 bits architectures. Hence, it should work on any Linux-like system. It has been compiled under Xubuntu 12.04.

Installation instructions: INSTALL.txt. This files explains which and how additional libraries should be installed.

Note that the large size of the binary comes from the numerous dependencies.


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