Open position for an associate professor of Computer Science at LIPN-USPN (Paris) on Artificial Intelligence

General profile : Computer Science
Job profile :Machine Learning and Data Science
Research field : Artificial Intelligence
Département ou filière d’enseignement : Département Informatique de l’Institut Galilée
Lieu d’exercice : Institut Galilée – Université Sorbonne Paris Nord – Campus Villetaneuse

Contact :
Kais Klai , Président du département,
Nathalie Pernelle, Vice-Présidente du département,

Description :

The lecturer recruited will join the teaching team of the Computer Science Department of the Institut Galilée at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord. The Computer Science Department is
involved in various courses at the Institut Galilée : Licence Informatique, Double Licence in
Mathematics and Computer Science, CP2I preparatory classes, Sup-Galilée engineering
school, Masters in Computer Science and the Graduate School ( École Universitaire de Recherche ) M&CS. The person recruited will be involved in various fields of computer science
at all levels, but particularly in the Master 2 Computer Science speciality EID2 (Exploration
Informatique des Données et Décisionnel
). The priority needs of the department are in
Machine Learning and Data Science (in Master 2), as well as System Administration (in L2 and
M1). He/she will also be able to reinforce the teams in the following subjects Databases, Logic,
Language Theory/Compilation, OOP and in the basic subjects taught in the bachelor’s degree
or in CP2I.
It is expected that the person recruited will be willing to get involved in the management of
the department by taking on pedagogical responsibilities such as course responsibility and
eventually year responsibility.

Research :

Laboratory : Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris Nord (LIPN) CNRS UMR 7030
Location : Campus de Villetaneuse
Contact : Frédérique Bassino, Directrice du LIPN,
Research team
: Apprentissage Artificiel et Applications (A3)
Contact :
Younès Bennani, Pôle ADA,
Aomar Osmani, Pôle MAARS,

Description :
The Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris-Nord (LIPN – CNRS UMR 7030) wishes to strengthen
the research in Machine Learning and Data Science carried out within the “Apprentissage
Artificiel et Applications” (A3) team through the recruitment of an associate professor.
The A3 team includes 2 full professors, 11 associated professors (including 4 HdR) and 12 PhD
students. It is structured in two axes focused on major complementary areas of machine

  • ADA axis (Learning from Data and Learners),
  • MAARS axis (Meta Learning and Learning from Structured Representations).

Each axis deals with both fundamental research and applied research, supported by academic
and industrial collaborative projects. It is one of the largest academic teams on the theme of
Machine Learning in France. It is remarkable for the breadth of its spectrum of skills, ranging
from statistical learning to relational learning and reinforcement learning. This characteristic
allows for tackling complex problems with several points of view and tools, altogether
theoretical, methodological, and algorithmic. The A3 team is strongly involved at the national
and international level in the animation of the scientific community of Machine Learning and Data Science, in particular in the organization of special sessions and program committees in
leading international conferences (AAAI, ECAI, ECML PKDD, IJCAI, ICPRAM, ICONIP, IJCNN, …).
The A3 team is involved in many projects, of various types (PIA, ANR, Institut National du
Cancer, etc.). These projects allow for assessing the validity of the proposed learning models
and raise new scientific questions that renew the research themes.

The A3 team is strongly involved in research training through

  • the “Data Science & Machine Learning (EID2) ” curriculum, which has been ranked among the best in the field for several years and the international double degree curriculum in “Data Science” with the USMBA of the Computer Science Master,
  • the “Mathematics of Data” curriculum of the Mathematics Master,
  • and the Graduate School M&CS curriculum.

Candidates with a strong interest in all aspects of artificial learning and its interaction with data science are strongly encouraged to apply. The person recruited will be part of the A3 team. The research themes of the person recruited will have to include theoretical and applicative aspects compatible with those already in place.