Multiplex Network Mining

Special session @ Cason 2014

Porto, 30 July 1 August 2014


Complex networks used to model interactions in real-world phenomena are often heterogeneous network with different types of nodes and edges. Focusing on a single type of nodes, a complex network would be better described by a multiplex: a set of nodes related to each other with different types of relations. This representation is much richer than simple complex networks often used to model complex interaction systems. However, this poses the challenge to provide adequate answers to all basic network analysis tasks that have been studied and provided in the recent few years for the case of homogeneous networks. This include for instance: the problem of node ranking (computing nodes centralities), community detection, link prediction, information diffusion models and network visualization. Almost all work in the field of multiplex network analysis are based on transforming the problem, in a way or another to the classical case of homogeneous network analysis. Existing approaches include: layer aggregation based approaches or applying ensemble methods on results obtained on each layer aside. Little work has focused on analysing all layers at once. The goal of this session is to make the point on new approaches for multiplex network analysis and mining.

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