First International workshop on

Multiplex & Attributed Network Mining

Paris, 25 August 2015


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Research in modeling, analyzing and mining large-scale networks has attracted an increasing effort  in the last few years. A major trend of work in network modeling and mining concerns analyzing homogeneous static networks (i.e. one snapshot of a network). However, in real world settings, networks are often dynamic, heterogeneous, and both nodes and links can be described by a set of attributes.

The concept of multiplex network has been recently proposed to ease modeling real work networks. A multiplex network is often represented as a multi-layer network composed of  a set of nodes related to each other with different types of relations. On the other hand, the concept of attributed network has also been introduced recently to take into account the fact that the vertices of the network are described by attributes like for instance their genre or age. These representations are much richer than simple complex networks often used to model complex interaction systems. However, this poses the challenge to provide adequate answers to all basic network analysis tasks that have been studied and provided in the recent few years for the case of homogeneous networks without attributes.

The goal of this workshop is make the point on new approaches for multiplex and attributed network mining. We encourage contributions on methods and techniques that are transversal to every application domains, rather than focusing on specific issues concerning each domain separately.

We will consider the two main aspects of network analysis: modeling and knowledge discovery. The technical sessions should point out this differentiation, and enforce the interaction between researcher from different research domains.

Abstract submission
April 30, 2015
Paper submission 
May 17, 2015 (extended)
Acceptance Notification 
June 19 , 2015
Final manuscript due
 July 11, 2015

MANEM workshop is over.

Thanks for all participants, authors and program committee members for their contributions  to the success of this first edition.

The papers as well as (some) presentation’s slides, are now available [here]

Hope to see you all in the next edition of MANEM