Journées Jean-Yves Girard
Conference in honour of his 60th birthday

September 10, 11 and 12, 2007
Henri Poincaré Institute, Paris


The journées Jean-Yves Girard are one of the two events which celebrate Jean-Yves Girard's deep achievements in Mathematics and in Computer Science, and the pervasive influence of his ideas in those disciplines and beyond.

They will take place immediately after Jean-Yves Girard's birthday and they follow the companion workshop of Siena (may 17-20 2007, pictures here).

The choice of invited speakers illustrates the wide range of scientific interests of Jean-Yves Girard over thirty-five years, from the complexity of proofs to quantum mechanics, from system F to the geometry of computation, from denotational semantics to Von Neumann algebras.


Following the two events organized in Siena and in Paris, a Festschrift will be published as a special issue of Theoretical Computer Science, where the "Linear Logic" paper was published twenty years ago.

Submissions for this special issue are welcome from all the participants to the workshops as well as from other contributors.


Monday, September 10
10:30-11:45Herman Ruge Jervell, Π12-logic, β-completeness and the treatment of ordinals
14:00-15:15Gérard Huet, Informatics in search of rigorous design principles
15:15-16:30Yves Lafont, Homotopy of computation: The Minneapolis Program
17:00-18:15Patrick Dehornoy, Unprovability results involving braids
Tuesday, September 11
9:30-10:45Olivier Laurent, Is not not A equal to A?
10:45-11:15Coffe Break
11:15-12:30Ieke Moerdijk, Trees, tensors and weak higher categories
14:30-15:45Bernard Teissier, Cognition and Foundations
15:45-17:00Thierry Paul, From quantum to classical by letting the dimension diverge
17:30-18:45Peter Selinger, Linear Logic in quantum computation
Wednesday, September 12
9:30-10:45Glynn Winskel, What is a process?
10:45-11:15Coffe Break
11:15-12:30Thomas Ehrhard, Differential Linear Logic and the Pi-Calculus

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