The department of Computer Science of the University Paris 13 (LIPN) has been created in 1985. It is affiliated both with the university and with CNRS. Its members conduct research in several areas: combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, algorithmics, logics, software engineering, natural languages, and machine learning. The department is structured into the following five teams, each on one or several of these research areas.

Team A3: Machine learning,
Team AOC: Combinatoriaol Optimization,
Team CALIN: Combinatorics,
Team LoVe: Logics and Verification,
Team RCLN: Natural languages.

Among the 150 people in our department, 87 hold a permanent position at the University.

LIPN is a member of the MathSTIC federation, a center for research in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Information technology.

An activity report for 2012-2017 is available here.

An activity report for 2007-2012 is available here.