LIPN lab hiring a full professor in Computer Science

General profile : Computer Science
Job profile: Computer Science


The Computer Science department of Institut Galilée contributes in different curricula of the institute: Bachelor, Master, graduate school, Sup’Galilée engineering school. The recruited person will be part of the Computer Science department. S/he will give lectures in different areas of computer science at all levels and curricula, in particular in the basic courses.

The department seeks lecturers in many domains, more specifically in software engineering, computer systems, and object-oriented programming. The ability to deliver courses in these specific areas will be appreciated. The recruited person will be involved in the department duties through pedagogic responsibilities such as development of curricula, training management and/or students’ tutoring.

Department and area: Institut Galilée – Computer science

Location: Villetaneuse Campus – Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

Nathalie Pernelle, Vice-head of computer science department:


The research carried out at  Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris-Nord (LIPN – CNRS UMR 7030) is organized around five teams and include machine learning, combinatorial optimization, design and analysis of combinatorial models at the interface of physics, geometry and algorithmics, foundations of computation and formal verification of systems, natural language processing and knowledge representation.

In addition, the LIPN is one of the laboratories of the MathSTIC Research Federation (CNRS FR 3734), which brings together the LIPN, the mathematics laboratory of the Sorbonne Paris Nord University (LAGA – CNRS UMR 7539) and the information transport and processing laboratory (L2TI – EA 3043). Finally, its RCLN team (Representation of Knowledge and Natural Language) is a stakeholder in the LabEx “Empirical Foundations of Linguistics” (EFL).

The LIPN is recruiting a professor to strengthen one of the research areas of its teams or to develop inter-team research, in line with the scientific policy of the LIPN. The recruited professor will have to play a leading role in the development of regional, national and international collaborations, both with academic institutions and with industrial research centers.

Location : Villetaneuse campus

Laboratory: Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris Nord (LIPN) – CNRS UMR 7030

Contact :
Director of LIPN: Frédérique Bassino