Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris Nord

UMR 7030, Université Paris 13, 99 avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément, 93430 Villetaneuse

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LCR group: Logic, Computation and Reasoning

Head of group: Stefano Guerrini

Research in our group focuses on two main topics:

  • linear logic and various applications to computer science;
  • systems specification and assisted modelisation with applications to dynamic and distributed systems, as well as to databases.

These researches are complemented by those carried out in the domain of representation and temporal reasoning. (activity report)

Our research activity is organized around regular seminars and working groups:

  • LCR seminar: our seminar is articulated along two axes, following the main research topics of our group. It takes place in room B107, on Friday morning for the "logic and programming" axis and on Thursday afternoon for the "specification and verification" axis. Organizers: Flavien Breuvart (logic and programming); César Rodríguez (specification and verification).
  • MeFoSyLoMa seminar: this seminar is jointly organized by eight laboratories in the Paris area, among which LIPN. It is focused on the application of formal methods to software engineering and the conception of different kinds of computer systems. Meetings take place bimonthly.
  • Kairos seminar: this seminar is organized within the Kairos project, an exploratory interdisciplinary project in mathematics-computer science-linguistics about linguistic expressions associated with deictic and anaphoric calendar series, analyzed from a typological perspective. Contact person: Sylviane Schwer.
  • GdT Log&Prog: the informal meetings of the "Logic and Programming" working group revolve around proof theory and its connections with functional programming, implicit computational complexity, and models of parallelism and concurrent computation. These usually take place on Friday afternoon, in room B107 (alternating with the seminar). Organizer: Flavien Breuvart.

Some of these events are announced through mailing lists; please contact the respective organizer(s) to subscribe.