Institut GaliléeUniversity of Paris 13
99, avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément
93430 Villetaneuse
Phone : 01 49 40 35 90
Fax : 01 48 26 07 12
Mail : contact at

Coming by public transport

From Gare du Nord :

Beaumont or Valmondois by checking, on the departure platform, that the train stops at Epinay-Villetaneuse station. Exit the Epinay-Villetaneuse station on the Villetaneuse side and take Tramway 11, direction Le Bourget, to the Villetaneuse-Université stop.

By metro line 13 :

Take the metro 13 towards Saint-Denis Université and exit at Saint-Denis Porte de Paris. Then take Tramway 8 (above ground) towards Villetaneuse Université to the terminus. Then consult the campus map below.

From the Bobigny campus :

Take tramway line 1 towards Asnière Gennevilliers Les Courtilles and exit at Gare de St-Denis station. Then take Tramway 8 in the direction of Villetaneuse Université to the terminus. Then consult the campus map below.

Come by car

From Porte de la Chapelle or the ring road, join the A1 motorway [towards Lille], take exit 3 and then follow the signs for “Villetaneuse Université” (follow this map, counting the number of traffic lights.)

Campus map

Campus map

The LIPN is located in the university’s science faculty, called the Institut Galilée. The LIPN is located in buildings A and B, shown in blue on the map. The LIPN is spread over 3 floors (the ground floor being floor 0). The main entrance to the LIPN is on the 3rd floor of building B.

If you are lost, don’t hesitate to call our secretariat (01 49 40 35 90 or 01 49 40 35 66; from a phone inside the campus, just dial the last 4 numbers).

Getting to LIPN from Tramway 11 :

Baptiste Clément (in black on the map). You will arrive at the terminus of Tramway 8. Then follow the instructions below.

Getting to LIPN from the Tramway 8 terminus :

From the Tramway 8 terminus, follow the black line on the map. Walk along Avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément, then turn left. Take the spiral staircase on the right of the avenue (dotted circle) to go up to the footbridge. Continue along the black line. Turn right and go through building C. Cross another footbridge and enter building A. The coffee room is on the second floor (corridor A2xx) and the seminar room on the first floor (B107).

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