Conference Birzeit2018RAND: « Applied Mathematics and Random Structures », August 27-30, 2018

This conference is organized by Frédérique Bassino, Brigitte Chauvin, Hani Kabajah and Abdelrahim Moussa
(local organizers), and Pierre Nicodème at Birzeit University, Palestine.
This conference may be considered as a follow-up of the CIMPA summer school organized in August 2014
by Pierre Nicodème and Naji Qatanani at Nablus.
It is mainly intended to foster future collaborations between Palestinian and French universities or research centres; this could sustain the critical efforts of the mathematics community in Palestine to set up
a doctoral school.
Regarding Applied Mathematics, we will consider as a non-exhaustive list of topics: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations; Stochastic Applications to Mathematical Finance and Life Insurance, Non-linear Recurrences. We will address researches in randomness, probability or statistics, with a special focus on random graphs and trees, and random walks. Contributions related to algorithms on graphs and trees are also welcomed.
We expect 9 mini-courses of 1H30 from french academics and one from a Palestinian, 2 talks of 1H00 from Palestinians and about 10 talks of 0H30 from Palestinian students. Moreover, Thierry Monteil will organize an initiation to SAGE.