6 Février - 12 Février

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Mercredi 8 Février
Heure: 16:00 - 17:00
Lieu: https://bbb.lipn.univ-paris13.fr/b/wol-ma9-vjn - code: 514019
Résumé: Hamiltonian degree condition for tough graphs
Description: Cleophee Robin A graph G is hamiltonian if there exists a G cycle containing all G vertices exactly once. A graph G is t-tough if, for all subsets of vertices S, the number of connected components in G-S is at most |S|/t. We extended the Theorem of Hoàng by proving the following:
Let G be a graph with degree sequence d_1,d_2, ..., d_n, and let t be a positive integer at most 4. If G is a t-tough and if for each i, t
Jeudi 9 Février
Heure: 10:30 - 11:30
Lieu: Salle B107, bâtiment B, Université de Villetaneuse
Résumé: QP/NLP-based Branch-and-Bound algorithm for MINLP: It could work!
Description: Luca Mencarelli We describe a novel QP/NLP-based Branch-and-Bound algorithm for convex MINLP. Then, we introduce a tailored version of the previous algorithm for (non-convex) Binary Nonlinear Optimization Problems (BNPs), relying on a simple convexification procedure and a tailor convex quadratic under-approximation. We survey computational experiences on convex instances of MINLPLib and on several literature and random generated instances for BNPs.