1 Octobre - 7 Octobre

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Lundi 1 Octobre
Heure: 15:00 - 16:00
Lieu: Salle A303, bâtiment A, Université de Villetaneuse
Résumé: One-Sided Communications for more Efficient Parallel State Space Exploration over RDMA Clusters
Description: Sami Evangelista This talk presetns the use of one-sided communications in the context of state space exploration. This operation is often the core component of model checking tools that explores a system state
space to look for behaviours deviating from its specification. It basically consists in the exploration of a (usually huge) directed graph whose nodes and edges represent respectively system states and system changes. We revisit the state of the art distributed algorithm and adapt it to RDMA clusters with an implementation over the OpenSHMEM library and report on preliminary experiments conducted on the Grid'5000 cluster. This asynchronous approach thus reduces the significant communication costs induced by process synchronisation in two-sided communications.
Mercredi 3 Octobre
Heure: 14:00 - 15:00
Lieu: Salle B107, bâtiment B, Université de Villetaneuse
Résumé: First Order Algorithms for Constrained Optimization Problems in Machine Learning
Description: Francesco Rinaldi Thanks to the advent of the "Big Data era", simple iterative first-order optimization approaches for constrained convex optimization have re-gained popularity in the last few years. In the talk, we first review a few classic methods (i.e., conditional and projected gradient method) in the context of Big Data applications. Then, we discuss both theoretical and computational aspects of some new active-set variants for those classic methods. Finally, we examine current challenges and future research perspectives.

DISCLAIMER: This aimes to be a wide audience talk (for any LIPN member, Ph. D. students included) and you are not assume to know what is a "first-order optimization approach", a "conditional or projected gradient method" or an "active-set variant".