Jeudi 20 Novembre

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Jeudi 20 Novembre
Heure: 15:30 - 16:30
Lieu: Salle B107, bâtiment B, Université de Villetaneuse
Résumé: Abstraction and Modular Verification of Services Using Symbolic Observation Graph (SOG)
Description: Hanene Ochi For automatically composing services in a correct manner, information about their behaviors (an abstract model) has to be published in a repository. This abstract model must be sufficient to decide whether two, or more, services are compatible (the composition is possible) without including any additional information that can be used to disclose the privacy of these services. The compatibility between two services can be based either on some generic properties or specific ones . This talk will present my work during my thesis about the problem considering these kinds of compatibility criteria, and we will introduce approches for the automatic abstraction of services and to the modular checking of their compatibility using their abstract models only. To abstract services, we use the symbolic observation graph (SOG) approach that preserves necessary informa tion for service composition and hides private information. We will show how the SOG can be adapted and used so that the verification of generic and specific compatibility criteria can be performed on the composition of the abstract models of services instead of the original composite service.