3 Novembre - 9 Novembre

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Jeudi 6 Novembre
Heure: 16:00 - 17:00
Lieu: Salle B107, bâtiment B, Université de Villetaneuse
Résumé: Introduction to Partial Order Reductions
Description: César Rodríguez In model checking, a well known source of state-space explosion (SSE) is the
explicit representation of concurrent actions by their interleavings.
Partial-order reductions (PORs) are a family of techniques attempting to
cope with this by constructing an equivalent state space where irrelevant
executions of the original are discarded.

This talk will be a gentle introduction to the topic. We will focus on
Godefroid's persistent sets, prove that a selective exploration based on
them visits all deadlocks, discuss the two main classes of algorithms for
computing them, and finish, time permitting, with an overview of the
conceptual similarities and differences between PORs and the unfolding