Articles dans des revues internationales avec comité de lecture

[1] The minimum chromatic violation problem: A polyhedral approach
M. Braga, D. Delle Donne, M.S. Escalante, J. Marenco, M.E. Ugarte, M.C. Varaldo
Discrete Applied Mathematics, in press, Elsevier, in press, in press, 06, 2019

[2] The vertex k-cut problem
Cornaz, D. and Furini, F. and Lacroix, M. and Malaguti, E. and Mahjoub, R. and Martin, S.
Discrete Optimization, 8-28, 31, 2019

[3] Trader multiflow and box-TDI systems in series–parallel graphs
Denis Cornaz and Roland Grappe and Mathieu Lacroix
Discrete Optimization, 103-114, 31, 2019

Autres conférences

[1] Fault-tolerant matrix factorisation: a formal model and proof
Coti, C. and Petrucci, L. and Torres Gonzalez, D.A.
6th International Workshop on Synthesis of Complex Parameters (SynCoP’19), Prague, Czech Republic, 04, 2019

[2] Process scheduling on volatile nodes for fault-tolerant linear algebra
Coti, C. and Petrucci, L. and Torres Gonzalez, D.A.
Poster session of 3rd Workshop on Data Locality (COLOC’19), Göttingen, Germany, 08, 2019