TLLA 2017 Accepted Papers

Colin Riba. Toward A Curry-Howard Perspective on Tree Automata
Lê Thành Dũng Nguyễn. Handsome proof nets for MLL+Mix with forbidden transitions
Luca Roversi. Subatomic Proof Systems, Coherence Spaces and Post's Lattice
Francisco Rios and Peter Selinger. A linear/non-linear model for a quantum circuit description language
Dale Miller. Using linear logic and proof theory to unify computational logic
Damiano Mazza, Luc Pellissier and Pierre Vial. Approximations, Fibrations and Intersection Type Systems
Filippo Sestini and Silvia Crafa. A theorem prover for a logical calculus of molecular biology
Dominic Orchard and Vilem-Benjamin Liepelt. Gram: A linear functional language with graded modal types (extended abstract)
Marie Kerjean. Smooth Differential Linear Logic and Partial Differential Equations
Giulio Guerrieri and Luc Pellissier. Coherence, Taylor expansion, and box-connected proof-structures
Antonin Delpeuch and Jamie Vicary. Graph rewriting and cyclic multiplicative linear logic
Harley Eades. Introducing a New Project on The Combination of Substructural Logics and Dependent Type Theory
Jules Chouquet, Giulio Guerrieri, Luc Pellissier and Lionel Vaux. Normalization by Evaluation in Linear Logic