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8th junior seminar: 13/12/2017, 14:30

Xin YE (LoVe - formerly LCR): "Reachability Analysis of self modifying codes".
Self modifying code is code that modifies its own instructions during execution time. It is nowadays widely used, especially in malware to make the code hard to analyse and to detect by anti-viruses. Thus, the analysis of such self modifying programs is a big challenge. Push-down systems (PDSs) is a natural model that is extensively used for the analysis of sequential programs because they allow to accurately model procedure calls and mimic the program’s stack. In this work, we propose to extend the PushDown System model with self-modifying rules. We call the new model Self-Modifying PushDown System (SM-PDS). A SM-PDS is a PDS that can modify its own set of transitions during execution. We show how SM-PDSs can be used to naturally represent self-modifying programs and provide efficient algorithms to compute the backward and forward reachable configurations of SM-PDSs. We implemented our techniques in a tool and obtained encouraging results. In particular, we successfully applied our tool for the detection of self- modifying malware.

7th junior seminar: 19/10/2017, 14:00

First junior seminar of the year 2017-2018: presentation of the junior seminar to new PhD students

6th junior seminar: 21/06/2017, 15:00

Tsinjo Rakotoarimalala (CALIN): "La borne optimale de la recherche de plusieurs motifs dans un texte aléatoire".
En 1977, Andrew C. Yao dans "the complexity of pattern matching on random string" montre que toutes les occurrences de la plupart des motifs de longueur m se cherchent en $(n/m) ln(m)$ dans un texte aléatoire de longueur n. Nous généralisons la preuve de Yao 1977 pour des dictionnaires composés de plusieurs motifs. L'idée est d'encadrer la complexité de l'algorithme optimal inconnu d'un coté on généralise un algorithme de Frédriksson et Grabrowski pour la borne supérieure et de l'autre coté on simplifie le problème et on généralise la méthode de Yao pour la borne inférieure. Le résultat principal est de montrer que la compexité de l'algorithme optimal est en $\theta ( n (\max (ln( s r_m m) /m + \frac{1}{s m_{min}} )))$ où $r_m$ est le nombre de motifs de longueur m dans le dictionnaire et $m_{min}$ est la longueur de plus court motif du dictionnaire.

5th junior seminar: 07/06/2017, 15:00

Emiliano Lancini (AOC): "Multicuts in series parallel graphs and Box-TDIness".
summary (pdf)

4th junior seminar: 17/05/2017, 15:00

Antoine Kaszczyc (LCR): "Typer les acteurs Akka".
Akka est un cadriciel de programmation concurrente. Il est composé d'entités appelés acteurs qui s'envoient des messages. Mon travail consiste à apporter des vérifications statiques aux programmes utilisant Akka. La technique utilisée est un typage assez simple utilisant un graphe. La propriété vérifiée est la possibilité de traitement de tout message envoyé.

Third junior seminar: 29/03/2017, 15:00

Imad Kissami (AOC): "High Performance Computational Fluid Dynamics on Clusters and Clouds".
In order to run computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes on large scale infrastructures, parallel computing has to be used because of the computational intensive nature of the problems. in this paper we investigate the adapt platform where we couple flow partial differential equationsand a poisson equation. This leads to a linear system which we solve using direct methods. The implementation deals with the mumps parallel multi-frontal direct solver and mesh partitioning methods using METIS to improve the performance of the framework. We also investigate, in this paper, how the mesh partitioning methods are able to optimize the mesh cell distribution for the adapt solver.

Second junior seminar: 15/02/2017, 15:00

Enrico Bettiol (AOC): "Simplicial Decomposition for Large-Scale Quadratic Convex Programming"
keywords: minimisation of convex function, large scale, simplex, simplicial decomposition, pricing function

First junior seminar: 01/02/2017, 13:30

Presentation of the junior seminar, quick presentations (5 min) of subjects of thesis by PhD students of all teams.

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