Algebraic combinatorics and combinatorial physics
                     (Combinatoire algébrique et physique combinatoire in french)

The Algebraic combinatorics and combinatorial physics developped in the CIP and exposed in that seminar can not be separed from symbolic computation which is their interface with computer science.
Symbolic calculation is the area of computer science that deals with symbols that can denote variables, operators, and more generally computation objects (such as diagrams, data structures). This area is very wide and has applications to natural sciences, engineer sciences as wall as mathematics and physics. The actual characteristics of the subteam CIP are the following:

  1. Computation on series, behavior of automata, enumeration, random generation, code application.
  2. Problem and algorithmical treatment of rationality in algebra, analysis and non-commutative geometry.
  3. Symmetric and anti-symmetric functions, commutative end non-commutative functions, fonctors on data structures.
  4. Polynomial representations of symmetric and linear groups and their deformations.
  5. Matrix algorithmics, finite systems encoding (automata, discret systems), representation theory algorithmics.
  6. Lie algebra combinatorics and their deformations
  7. Combinatorics of operators linked to special functions and physics.
  8. Combinatorics, functionnal and probabilistic analysis on transition graphs.

The program of the seminar is available here.