Articles dans des revues internationales avec comité de lecture

[1] Detection and Life-cycles Tracking of Neologisms : experiments in the Neoveille Project
Cartier, Emmanuel
Pragmatics & Cognition (Special Issue: The Dynamics of Lexical Innovation), XX-XX, 2018

[2] On the $(k,i)$-coloring of cacti and complete graphs
Flavia Bonomo and Guillermo Duran and Ivo Koch and Mario Valencia-Pabon
Ars Combinatoria, 317-333, 137, 01, 2018

[3] On the Bend number of circular-arc graphs as edge intersection graphs of paths on a grid
Liliana Alcon and Flavia Bonomo and Guillermo Duran and Marisa Gutierrez and Mazzoleni, Maria Pia and Bernard Ries and Mario Valencia-Pabon
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 12-21, 234, 01, 2018

[4] The Block Retrieval Problem
Marcos de Melo da Silva, Gunes Erdogan, Maria Battarra, Vitaly Strusevich
European Journal of Operational Research, 931-950, Elsevier, 3, 265, 03, 2018

Communications dans des conférences internationales avec comité de lecture

[1] A complex network analysis approach for risk increase factor prediction in nuclear power plants
Mouna Rifi and Mohamed Hbiti and Rushed Kanawati
Proceedings of the 3ed international conference on Complexity, future information systems and Risks, 03, 2018

[2] Semantic Change Tracking Through the Prism of Distributionnalism and Construction Grammars : an experiment in Contemporary French
Cartier, Emmanuel
07, 2018